About tendozen

Modern technology has become self-serving in many ways: updates lead to more updates.  New versions lead to even more new versions.  And business owners grow weary with fatigue, while servicing the needs of their technology.  Our goal is to fix all that.

We develop software with 3 key things in mind:

  1. Revenue:  If the software doesn't contribute to revenue for the business, there is something wrong.
  2. Longevity:  Make code which will last. Use open source software platforms all the time.
  3. Ethics:  Do a good job.  Communicate early, clearly and often.

Terence Stotz - Founder / Chief Geek

Terence launched tendozen in 2004. Terence has 20 years of experience in technology, working through the first tech bubble in the mid to late 1990's (anyone else order ice cream from Kozmo.com?). He's held Senior-Director level technology positions in ecommerce, software manufacturing and financial services. Most recently he was Co-Founder & Director of Technical Services for an international e-commerce company.

Terence has launched numerous businesses over these years. Below you will find some of the other companies Terence launched during his career.

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Having long been involved with retail businesses, Terence designed, built and launched his own e-commerce website builder in 2017.

Harnessing years of experience in e-commerce retailing, The Rodeo helps aspiring e-tailers not only build their e-commerce presence, but also market and sell their wares using tips and best-practices gleaned from a decade and a half in e-commerce.

Founded in 2002, VR411.com was the first database-driven vacation rental marketplace for US-based properties on the internet. Still functioning today, VR411.com has over 20,000 listings and is the only vacation rental site driven by its membership.

Founded in 2006, Ped is a leading e-commerce retailer of designer, handmade women's shoes and apparel. Terence launched the company's online presence and still assists in technical operations.