Technology & Residential Services

An engineer's perspective on construction

Terence has spent the last 25 years as a software engineer. His early path, however, began in construction. Even after becoming a full time engineer in 1997, Terence continued to hone his residential construction skills by purchasing, remodeling and flipping multiple houses in his off time, always approaching residences as an engineering challenge. (Images of his work can be found below)

After too many years behind a desk, you can now hire Terence for your own home needs. And experience the difference when problems are approached from the perspective of an engineer.

Residential Technology:

  1. IOT: Remote controllable thermostats, remote controllable electronic door locks, occupancy sensors
  2. Residential camera networks
  3. WIFI mesh installation and network troubleshooting
  4. Agnostic control dashboards

Residential Services:

  1. Scope: General plumbing repair, electrical, construction.
  2. Time:  Limited to jobs which do not require bids or permits. Generally same-day completion.